It is all about Respect…..


You known lately I have come across a problem with people not knowing the meaning of the word Respect



I have been busy with many things from social media marketing, photography, t-shirt sales to learning Photoshop etc. I am always someone who keeps as busy as they can as those who you who have followed me blog have seen I was fighting against a major depression in combination with insomnia at one point…,.

Those days are over…

I refuse to feel sorry for myself or whine anymore about  my problems….

I find that the more I have complained to people the more it ruined my mental state. It also caused me to be non productive and kind of wallow in my misery.. You see though at that time I have always respected other people in terms of not bothering them too much at work or on social media to have private chats etc.. I had not called anyone a lot either during those times as I felt maybe they would be busy especially if they had a lot of work to do…I also did not lash out at people when they were too busy to talk to me….

It is called RESPECT…

Now as I have also studied more about narcissism in my downtime so now I have become a very educated empath. This makes me realize certain things . The people who I have allowed in my life have been crossing boundaries lately in a crazy narcissistic way. If I am busy they get defensive, if I block them on my phone they call my roommate looking for me, if I ignore them on social media they keep commenting on my Facebook just for attention which all off you readers know  this female narcissistic sociopath stalking me does and so on and so forth….



I cannot even relax when I take breaks and go on Twitter to play hashtag games or read the news in the trends without some stranger getting nasty when I do not DM them back or even people I know giving me attitude. The lack of respect makes me very annoyed..I have problems but I do not let them define me and I sure as hell don’t sit and whine without trying to do something about them….

It is more than one person doing this to me too……

I do not want to be brought down in any way shape or form…

This is ruining my creativity as an artist as well….

I am remaining positive and am going to solve this problem even if I have to block people to do it…..

People can be very selfish and need to learn Respect…….

Anyway rant over…….




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