I Collect Narcissists…..

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

Recently in the past few months I have learned about the term Narcissist. Its funny as I never really knew there was a name for certain people I have come across in my life. It was always a mystery to me. I am a Heyoka Empath which is a form of super Empath. I attract these people like bees to honey…..

I have met both women and men like this which is very disheartening….

Its like they swoop down and catch me when I least expect it….


I met a female sociopathic narcissist many years ago when I was working doing web design… She asked me to help her learn work related things and was very humble along with the fact  she played victim when it came to others who let her down….

She was someone who I thought needed help and I felt sorry for her….

I trusted her with secrets and information she probably should not have had but I felt at the time she was a good and sincere person who was dealt a bad hand in life….

Hours and hours of me putting her first helping her with projects, spending  countless hours online and on the phone etc…I gave her advice all the time as well as she was always having people problems She made a lot of money thanks to my teachings…

How did she repay me??

She would gaslight me when I would tell her she told me this or promised that. She talked viciously behind my back to anyone who would listen in the online clique causing me to lose business and respect as she made up countless lies along with telling people my secrets…She stole from me as well.. She even took a project I had her working on and after I paid her the whole website went down for 3 days while she was nowhere to be found…..She resurfaced making excuse after excuse blaming everyone around her as she was always a victim…

The last straw~~ She stole from other people online using my name to give herself credibility….

I ignored her from then on yet she would always try to hoover me,  trying to get me to talk to her again…..She even went as far as making up fake email addys contacting me under fake names just to mess with me……

I would just ignore her until she got tired……

She passed away last year and I am not sorry……

This was not the only one but this gives you a taste of what I have gone through with them…

This is all because in the past I would foolishly believe that everyone thought like me…

If you take the time out to read this blog you will see the last one I dealt with who was just as bad if not WORSE. ~~Death of a Scorpio……

That sociopathic narcissist made me very aware of how I just cannot trust people anymore as I have foolishly trusted people like that woman in this blog  post and it got me into my own kind of hell….

I am more cautious now with people….

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.41.24 PM.png

I don’t want to wrote about other  past narcissists I have come across on this blog or I will start to have a bad day….

The reason that I wrote this blog is that I am very cranky lately as once again I am dealing with ANOTHER ONE

I have known this person for years on and off. They had narcissistic tendencies but now they have gotten worse with age. They have gone the way of a full sociopathic narcissist…They think that they are better than everyone. I mention a friend they dismiss them like they are trash. They constantly seek attention. They play victim, they create drama and everyone is at fault except for them….I mention how a friend of mine was on vacation in Mexico. They blurted out scarcastically “must be nice”…They lie and lie about the past as their version of the truth is more to their liking……They are jealous of me and everyone else…..Its maddening…..

I cannot even post on one of my social media accounts without them saying something attention seeking about themselves or hitting the like button….

This person is  hoovering me…..

I have people like everything I post but with this person doing it I am being fattened up for the kill. I am being stalked and it is getting me angry……

I am at my wits end…..

They cannot be blocked without me having a worse drama ensue…..Their family is on my account as well which will make it even more dramatic .I will just continue to just ignore…The worst issue is that something was left at my house last time they were here  and that will be every excuse to try and get into my world or all hell will break loose…..

I have to start my Photoshop class and have no time for this nonsense….

I wish I could go incognito for a while…

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.59.25 PM.png

Let’s all hope I do not explode!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent…..

This is why I am not into making friends . It is bad for my health………

I am a Narcissist magnet….

If anyone wants to know how they think I highly recommend this site as it has helped me a lot…..

Knowing your enemy is half the battle…..,.,.










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