Happy 2019…


My apologies for not updating my blog. It is has been a sort of an emotional holiday season for me so I opted not to bring anyone down who follows me…..

I have been busy with my t-shirt business Heyoka Muse and doing social media for a tanning salon I know so I can get free tans to combat my seasonal depression. I go in the mornings and it helps me to not only feel better but forces me to leave the house and drive somewhere.


I have also made huge step and signed up for a college class to learn Photoshop!!!!

You know a friend of mine paid for this as he believes in me which makes me feel good. I am very nervous about taking this class as I have never went to college and I know I sound like a loser to some people because of that. Due to mitigating circumstances I was unable to go to college when I graduated high school….

It is a whole other blog that is pretty depressing so I will leave it at that….

I pray this is a year for me to get ahead. Those of you have been following my journey all know what a bad year 2018 was for me. Well not only that but things have been bad since I came out of the coma come to think of it…. There have been so many circumstances that have led up to me not trusting people at all anymore.

I do not want to ever meet any new people nor make friends.

It is sad but true…..

I used to love meeting people yet now my guard it up….

I will update this blog more often as I have missed all of you!!!!

I wish all of you a wonderful 2019!!!


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