Photoshop, Gypsy, Holidays….

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I actually did as friends were here and we all had a wonderful dinner that was pretty fun. It was also the Gypsy’s first Thanksgiving which she made the most out of being the spoiled brat that she is….

Remember there is always room for pie~~~


She brings me more joy that you can imagine yet if you follow my social media you are probably sick of her by now….. You know if she ever gets famous you all can say you knew her when she just started out on the web šŸ™‚

Speaking of social media I created an instagram account @theheyokamuse

There is also my google plus ~~google plus

Don’t worry this time no ranting because we all know how well that went hahaha!

I tend to post a lot of Ā articles and videos just to mix it up a bit…It takes no real time to Ā for me to do as I do everything so fast…

I am still learning Photoshop. It is amazing it is taking me so long as I am used to learning programs very quickly as my father was in the computer field and there was never a time when I did not have a computer in my house. I am watching Ā tutorials , reading books and am getting the hang of it. I just feel like I should be further along than I am now….I am constantly taking breaks from it to tweet or do other things to avoid getting frustrated quickly. I find if I do that I learn quicker as that is how my mind works….

Perhaps one day I will be able to turn this squirrel back to the right color as I did this on accident experiementing ~~~


It looks like it belongs in one of The White House trees this season (gag)

I am trying not to let the holidays get to me this year as every year they do and I get depressed. I am kind of indifferent to them in a way. It’s not like I have family to spend it with or anything. There has been too many bad memories…The only thing I am doing that is holiday like is taking Gypsy to see Santa. Yeah I know laugh at me but she keeps me sane especially when she hunts for ghosts….


I am happy at least the bedroom tv is being used as I never watch it….

Anyway I hope all of you are surviving the holiday season so far….

Have a great day!!!!!!!!




1 thought on “Photoshop, Gypsy, Holidays….

  1. Love Gypsy and glad you had a great Thanksgiving. šŸ’ž



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