It’s better to be Positive….

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has been having  a good week. My week has been going pretty back and forth but over-all it’s not a disaster…

I realized last night that very few things bother me anymore about the past and I am able to joke about it.

It is a miracle!!!

I still have one more horrific blog entry to repost for new readers who do not know some of my stories and due to the political climate I feel I should make people aware of things that really do happen in society…

My cat has a  cold as she will not stop sneezing so off to the vet we go tomorrow which is ok as I have to have a test redone on her for parasites. The shelter gave a  coupon for a free visit to a certain animal hospital yet upon reading the reviews using my method~~The bad ones as opposed to the good ones~~ I opted against it as the bad ones were people complaining about being overcharged and many un needed tests . There were too many of them so no way…..

I found a cool video for cats on youtube~~

Check it out~~

She went nuts!!!!!

Here she is at a calm point trying to touch the mouse on my iPad ~~~


You know having a pet has helped my mental state tremendously…..

I also hate to say it but I listen to YouTube for cats for background sound sometimes….

My friend who had a double Mastectomy is staying  over with her husband this weekend. I have known her for years as I met her in New York…..

She beat Cancer!!!

It will be good to see her…..

Things are not all good but you know I find the less I focus all on the huge problems I am facing the better off I am…..

It’s always better to be positive!

I hope all of you have a great weekend!!!



2 thoughts on “It’s better to be Positive….

  1. So happy your cat is bringing you happiness. And yes, better to focus on the positive. It’s a work in progress. Your humor is fabulous ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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