Photoshop Hell

Hey Everyone!!!!

I have been busy trying to learn Photoshop on my own…..

Can you shoot me now????

I am having such problems concentrating on it.  If anyone knows a good online learning course for it please let me know!!!!!

It really is frustrating but I am determined…..

I have a lot of plans  for when I do learn it…..

I also have a new friend in my home —



I have always had cats yet had not had one in years and if you have followed my earlier blogs you know why.

It feels good to have a pet again.

I find it every therapeutic.

Anyway that is all I have for now…

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Check out my designs~~

tees, mugs, phone cases and more!!!!


9 thoughts on “Photoshop Hell

  1. Try YouTube tutorials, or wishing you lots of success (and your kitty is very cute) Cheers!

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    1. I have not seen Thank you Carol!!!!

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      1. You are most welcome, hope it helps. The site has a lot of various tutorials on there. You might want to check your local library as well, sometimes libraries put on various programs to do with technologies.

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      2. I think I am going to end up taking out an ebook if they have any… I am really having a hard time for some reason

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      3. I have used various photo editors, including Microsoft photoshop, they can be daunting! Good luck.

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      4. I am getting further today….Thanks Carol!!!!

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      5. Great! You’re welcome!

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  2. I have been dabbling with adobe lightroom…i got lost with photoshop. your pet is so cute!

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