Progress not Perfection…..

Today I have been working on some things online so I can somehow get ahead financially. My friend is coming over Sunday so we can brainstorm which always helps as it can be the overwhelming to not have anyone else to help when you need feedback.

I have recently started listening to podcasts. This has been very motivating for me because it enables the positive me to get ideas when the depressed me just wants to lay in bed all day and stare at the ceiling. There is a podcast for everything I guess. Some are very very useful. If anyone has any recommendations for good podcasts of any genre, by all means, please comment below or send me an email here Contact

I am going to start reposting my earlier blogs as they are  lost in the shuffle in this format and I cannot find another theme I like that will make it better.

I literally forced myself to get up today after another long night of no sleep which is a big step in the right direction compared to what I have been going through lately. It is amazing I did after the night of stress I had.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who is no longer with us who had always told me this statement ~~

Progress Not Perfection

He is absolutely right because the small steps I am taking are making me feel better and hopefully it will enable me to get somewhat ahead on these projects I want to do.

If you are struggling in life try to do the smallest things to make yourself better.It will help you feel  accomplished if you at least get one thing done. Try and be positive like I am starting to do….

Please remember~~Progress Not Perfection!!!!!!





3 thoughts on “Progress not Perfection…..

  1. great gif,it sucked me right in.i love the authenticity of your posts.

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    1. Thank you very much. I try to write like I talk….

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  2. Absolutely, progress is good. Perfection is almost an enemy of the good. You have a handle on what will raise you up.

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