That apology is never coming……

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. —Robert Brault

Someone posted this  quote  on Twitter and it got me to thinking of how people  do bad things to you and you will never even get even an apology. Times went by when I pondered upon the wrongs people have done to me wondering why in the world they do not  make an apology. ? The simple words, I am sorry, goes a long way….

It used to bother me….

I chalk it up to ignorance and their false sense of self pride. It is very hard for some people to swallow their pride and admit when they are wrong.  There are some people that always think they are  always right and I am for sure not one of them. Its a shame as it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong and sadly enough some people are way too small and weak….

I have admitted when I am wrong many times because we are all human and make mistakes. I am far by perfect! I always had a friend of mine tell me progress not perfection. It is a positive way to look at life really…..

The best thing is to let it go and accept the fact that you will never get that apology you very much deserve so you might as well move on. It is hard yet I have come to find out if you focus on the apology that is never coming you will be miserable in life….

Don’t ever let it get you down like I used to!





4 thoughts on “That apology is never coming……

  1. I would add “forgiveness is not amnesia”…I heard that somewhere along the line. The central message was that forgiveness is not for other people – it’s for us, to help us move on with our lives and not be shackled any longer by the things people say and do that hurt us. You are right – some people just are not able to make an apology – and that says more about them than about us.

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    1. I like that forgiveness is not amnesia. You are absolutely right!!

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  2. Then, there are those “superior beings”, who never ACCEPT an apology, unless the person offering it is letter perfect, afterwards. You deserve the apology you did not get- and if I were an offending party, I’d offer it.


    1. You have made an excellent point. Thank you!!

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