Are you an Octopus?

Well I finally started my painting. The subject is an octopus. If you have not guessed by the title of this blog, Memoirs of an Electric Octopus, I am very obsessed with this animal. The octopus has 3 hearts , pumps blue blood and has 9 brains. You see to me it symbolizes someone who is highly sensitive, emotional, intelligent, complicated and overthinks too much…..

I guess it is a self  portrait…..


They are talented escape artists which I really resemble as I seem to be able to escape from very difficult experiences along with negative people…..


It feels good to paint. You know for a long time I could not bring myself to paint as my head was not clear so to speak. Its very cool that I used a gift card to Blicks that I received 3 years ago to buy a lot of new paint in different colors. My red and black period is over for now. Now I am trying metallic purple, violet etc. Its something different for me which is good considering as an artist, I  tended to get stuck on a very bleak concept prior to this…..It was very troublesome for me…..

This time I am going for less abstract too…….

I am currently listening to this piano music that has been healing my soul…..

I am sipping some detox tea to clean my body of toxins as well…..

I am still struggling with insomnia yet again at least I am making the most of it and creating….Its so hard to live like this and I pray it goes away soon…..

Now that you have read this blog you should reflect and  ask yourself~~~

Are you an octopus????



14 thoughts on “Are you an Octopus?

  1. Lol. Love it. I have creatures I love too. The blue whale primarily and two others I loved your images and hear you on the insomnia. Hope it goes away soon.

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  2. Scorpion here.😁😉☺

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  3. Wonderful stuff! I am not sure I am an octopus, but I’d like to be. Does that count?

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      1. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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  4. My grandmother use to paint beautiful pictures; she was incredible. I have always wanted to paint but I am not sure if I would be any good. Kind of like when I tried to learn guitar lol. I also hope you get the rest you need soon, friend

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    1. I am trying to paint this octopus yet it is not turning out the way I want it to yet. It will take time.Thanks for the comment my friend…..

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      1. Keep at it and keep us posted about the artwork

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      2. I will… It is coming along slowly but surely! Thanks my friend!!

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  5. I would never make a good octopus- I have too much ADD.

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