Today was a good day!

Well I finally got some solid sleep last night. It was almost unnatural. I did not even want to get out of bed this morning at all. It was as if I had to force myself yet I did it because I was not going to give into depression today…..


I went out to my car determined to drive it and it would not start….


I was so angry yet I remained calm and took an Uber to the store to pick up prescriptions and milk along with some cleaning supplies. It was such a bummer and it made me almost cry because I really wanted to drive.

I got back home  and  was still  determined. You know  then I  luckily  caught my neighbor out and he jumped my car. It started right up as it was just drained from sitting there so long. He said I should just drive it every single day so that would not happen again. It was a sign I at least have to try. I drove around  the whole neighborhood and even up to the store twice using the main roads near me.

I love my car!!!!!!!!


I then went home and cleaned my place for an hour or two on and off…..

Listed some stuff on letgo to sell so hopefully that will work out as I need to sell some stuff to make more room in here.

I took a long walk afterwards around the complex I live in.

I made some important phone calls….

It turned out to be not such a bad day so far….

Perhaps things will  really start turning around if I can sleep every night….

We can only pray everyone!!!!!



1 thought on “Today was a good day!

  1. you did good

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