I have to have hope….

I hope all of your guys are all doing well and enjoying the fall so far! Fall is my favorite season. Hopefully I can start taking more photographs of the leaves when they turn if I can get up the energy to leave the house…



I have been riddled with insomnia for the past week as usual hence my blog has not been updated much. It has been very hard to survive on next to no sleep at all. It will get better though as I have faith things will change as long as I keep positive. Insomnia has plagued me all my life. I also catch myself falling into a deep depression which is never good.

The best thing I have been doing is avoiding anything and anyone negative so far.

I need to make more positive changes and that includes conquering my fears. My biggest fear right now is fear of driving. You know I was in a very bad accident where my car was totalled a few years ago. It took a lot to get driving again. My fear is back again worse as a few weeks ago someone was driving right towards me on the wrong side of the road on 10am on a weekday. I almost got killed before I quickly pulled over going up on the grass. It shook me to the core and ever since then I get panic attacks behind the wheel and I have not driven beyond my parking lot.  That coupled with the fact that I am lucky if I sleep 2 hours a night does not make for a safe drive.

Well hopefully things will get better….

I just have to have hope…..

Have a great day everyone!!!





2 thoughts on “I have to have hope….

  1. I can relate to this; I suffer from insomnia and physical issues which keeps me from sleeping; it can be frustrating. And like you I have been in my share of accidents; I got hit on the drivers side from 45 mph when I was 18 and just got my license; by the grace of God I didn’t have a scratch but my car didn’t survive. That was 17 years ago and I still fear driving; I have been in many accidents since. I understand the fear and the panic attacks; I stopped driving for over a year. Do not rush it; give yourself time. And your safety ( the rest of us on the road) are more important. This was a brave post and I hope things improve for you, my friend

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    1. Thank you so much. I am disappointed in myself about it. It does not help my sleep either thinking about it….


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