Lack of Patience

I have had the flu this whole week and still have it now unfortunately . It is terrible as I can barely move….

My last blog I was talking about how I isolated myself into a corner so I decided to do something about it and joined a couple of sites looking for friends. I was already really on one of them for months yet was never really active such as contributing to discussions etc.I started doing that.

I gave out my kik id to some people who responded when they wanted to chat further. I am happy I did not opt to give out my phone number because some of these people really revealed themselves to be very out there after I came down with this flu….

One man when I did not answer his 4 texts a day who knew I had the flu went off and had a tantrum like a small child which caused me to block him. Another one claimed I must be a fake when he did not get the answer he was looking for from me. This woman really went crazy when I told her I could not talk as I was ill. There were others that turned me off that are not even worth mentioning.

This caused me to delete one profile. The other is still up as it is a social media type of thing. That will be deleted soon too as I no longer have patience for childish games…

It is no wonder some of these people are socially unhappy in their real lives as they sure do not show any respect nor manners in simple chat. I would hate to see what they pull at home..

Off to make some chicken soup and read….





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