How can you trust?

Lately my trust level is at an all time low. I seem to be struggling socially and it is definitely not any fun.

Friends have disappointed me in the past. People have betrayed me as well as casted me aside the minute I started to have some of the problems that I have posted about in this blog.

It gets lonely when you have to be careful who you tell what to.

I rarely go out anymore as my fear of driving is back once again.

This makes it hard to meet people at all yet again where would I meet them?

I believe I have isolated myself into a corner….

Depression and fear are hard to live with…






3 thoughts on “How can you trust?

  1. Why you need people in your life?
    I know man is a social animal, but just do what you love. Because, people are complex, the more you give them importance the less peace you’ll have.

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  2. thanks for sharing… I use to be a people pleaser… I’ve been delivered from that… I understand I can’t be there for people like people aren’t going to be there for me… I have to like me, when everyone else leaves me, i’m stuck with me… that realization helped change my mindset…Now I tell people don’t get mad at me and i won’t get mad at you for doing what we believe is best.

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