Intelligent Lifestyles…

You know yesterday when  I was lying awake battling insomnia, I stopped to think of people who I really have considered to be extremely intelligent throughout my life. Everyone has certain opinions on what true intelligence is. Well to me it has nothing to really do with being book smart, your career, having degrees, etc. It has to do with a lot with your lifestyle, your actions and your heart.

People who are intelligent do not go around putting others down to make themselves feel more superior. They bring people up not down.

People who are intelligent do not gossip. They avoid people who do like the plague.

People who are intelligent do not waste time creating or feeding into drama. They have better things to do.

People who are intelligent do not judge other people. They see people as whole people before even thinking of making judgements.

People who are intelligent read a lot as they are always looking to learn more.

People who are intelligent always strive to become better people. They do not allow themselves to stay stagnant or to be in stagnant situations like dead end marriages or dead end jobs.

People who are intelligent do not go around thinking anger is a strength as anger is nothing bit a weakness. It makes you do stupid things and also shows how immature you are. I have been guilty of this in the past and have chose not to allow it to be my present which is a very healthy choice.

People who are intelligent act on intelligence instead of emotion. Now we all have been guilty of this at one point. It is something I know I needed to work on quite a bit. It is very hard to do but if you can master it–go for it !!!

People who are intelligent are trustworthy. They do not go around exposing people’s secrets for whatever motive they have.

People who are intelligent have good hearts. They are genuinely concerned about other people. It is not all a show. They do not go around breaking human beings.

People who are intelligent admit when they are wrong and apologize for it.

People who are intelligent have manners.

Anyway these are just a few things that make up an intelligent person in my opinion. I have known many  people throughout my life who have graduated at the top of their class to go onto to careers winning awards etc. Some of them have been the stupidest people I have ever met because they do everything intelligent people do not do. The drama, gossip, the put downs etc. It makes them look like idiots which does them no favors. I have also met people who have never gone to college and do not have prominent careers yet they have been some of the smartest people I have ever known.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!











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