Ways I am Avoiding Stress……

I have been thinking of ways I have been avoiding stress lately and have come up with some great solutions. I hope this blog helps some of you.

Stay away from talking about politics. There is an old saying never talk about politics or religion and it does ring true. I avoid political talks like the plague. It does not matter to me what anyone believes in as they have the right to their opinion so I just live and let live. I do not want to read about politics either.

Avoid negative people. I have found that the less I talk to them the better I feel. Why allow them to rent space in my head over dramatic things?

Listen to soothing music. Piano music is my favorite lately.

Read as many books as you can. My library card is being put to good use taking out E-Books. I also own many books that I love to read over and over especially if they are funny memoirs.

I give myself facials and take care of my body. This makes all the difference.

Drink as much tea as you can. It it right up there with water. I avoid caffeine of any kind. I also adore grapefruit juice.

Pray whenever you can. I am not religious by any means at all but it does help me.

Meditate. This can be quote challenging for me sometimes as my mind has a hard time focusing at certain points. It does help though.

My Kundalini instructor taught me a lot.cameron-gray

These are just a few things I am doing…..

Have a great day everyone!!



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