I created a Facebook to keep up with my girlfriend who has cancer as she uses no other social media forums. It is actually getting useful which surprises me. I do not use my real name and very very few people from my private life are on it. Instead strangers keep adding me causing me to be at almost to 2,000 followers as I post this.

You see Facebook is sort of a creepy site when you add your real name etc. They want so much information that it is kind of disturbing to me.The privacy settings give you a false sense of security when in all reality they see everything. It’s not rocket science. I would never put my real information out there. The rule of thumb I go by is do not post anything you do not want the world to see. I mostly just repost anyway. I really could care less what people from my past are doing and I have no real family to speak of as my parents hate the site and refuse to take part  in it. If people really spent as much time with their families or lived these perfect lives like they claim to on Facebook I would die of shock. Its all a show most of the time to impress people as I knew what went on behind the scenes in many cases now and even on my last, very boring, Facebook.

Instead of keeping up with my past I am having fun in the present as my followers come from all walks from life, from doctors to funeral directors to even the average joe hitchhiking through Europe. They are national as well as international. Friendly people! I am not big on traveling as I am not into tourist traps or anything like that. I knew a man once who told me that no matter how much he researched all of his vacations he never ever was satisfied as he wanted to know what the locals are doing. He never got a valuable experience  in his eyes so to speak I guess. I have heard that from others as well.

I have had such support from perfect strangers on there that it is amazing. People in my private life are really never around. Who would have thought?

My feed gets very interesting with cool videos as well as pictures. You can learn something from everyone on it. I repost so many clever things when I scroll through it. I try to find the time as it is worth it.

I belong to many blogger groups where I have gotten some great advice and met some nice people.It has been very useful in helping me become a better blogger because hey I am new at this and am always willing to learn more and more from people.

Now it is not all fun and games as my blocked list is huge. I have blocked shady people in my real life who I would never want to contact me as well as strangers who troll.  It never gets to me. I call it a stress reliever. The block button is the greatest invention there is as I will never argue with anyone online let alone want to be contacted by another  narcissistic freak again.

Everyone uses social media in different ways and I guess I use it not to reconnect with people from my past as I would rather enrich my present!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!





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