My Routine Lately

I wake up early even if I sleep very little the night before. I meditate for about 30 minutes  or more listening to music like this~~

I pray and thank God for another day and beg Him for it to go well.

I work on my online projects as well as brainstorm.

Sometimes I go for a long walk to clear my head and even take photographs which I enjoy doing.

I drink ice water, juice and herbal tea and try to eat healthy.

I chat with all my friends on social media on and off.

I try and let go of the hatred I have for my enemies which is the hardest thing yet again I rarely allow myself think of them. They are just dead people walking….

I am finding my happiness slowly but surely……





5 thoughts on “My Routine Lately

  1. Nice post. We are all striving for balance and peace. I tried the music yo see if it would relax. I listened for 5 mins and will resume later when I’m ready to actually sleep. Good stuff

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    1. Yes that is one of my favorite ones

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  2. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to stay calm and believe in God. 🌼

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