You aren’t better than anyone

Hello readers and welcome to all the new ones that have subscribed to my blog. I appreciate all of you!

I came across some old emails that have inspired this blog entry. It is basically about people who think they are better than everyone who really just aren’t…

Have you ever met some people that have the attitude that they are just perfect as they sit in their ivory tower judging everyone?

I have met many of these people in my former career. The ones who have money are the worst as well. I have said time and time again that money does not equate class by any means. This is a true statement as I have met so many white trash people with money it is a shame. They lack ethics, manners and everything. They will invite you into their home and give you the grand tour telling you how much everything costs. This is a low class white trash thing to do. Where I come from you never talk about the cost of something as it is viewed as pretty rude. I have cringed when I have gotten the question~

“how much did that run you?”

I almost want to tell them 10 million just to shut them up.

They think because they go here and there, dine at this place or that, and donate to charities that they it makes them good people. People should bow down to them for doing all that. It is laughable when you look at their ethics and you see what they really are. You are are only as good as your heart is.

Their bragging is pathetic.

I notice even on social media such as Twitter you will get some strange trolls who will go out of their way just to judge others while tweeting at them. I never really get anything like that on there but I watch it from afar. It is kind of lame.

I do not care what someone believes in, what they have or don’t have or what they do as long as they are not hurting me or anyone else. I do not judge anyone as everyone is going through a different struggle than I am….

I do not think I am better than anyone…

I have class……..


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