Fake Reviews Analyzed…..

Lately I have noticed that there are so many fake reviews up for products especially on Amazon. I have received offers telling me I could make money by reviewing products on Amazon in my inbox as well. It is kind of annoying that businesses are trying to get fake reviews to sell products that are sub par at best. This economy is bad enough and people do not need have money to burn.



Once I  made the mistake of believing reviews yet it changed really quickly due to  few experiences I had.  Ulta had a new perfume that was only sold online from Sara Jessica Parker. I received the perfume which was rancid and smelled like a barrel of pickles contrary to what the hundreds of reviews that were gushing  about how great it was. There was then one lone review echoing my sentiments that came literally the day after I got it. I returned the perfume and never shopped at Ulta again…

Sephora does not do that type off thing as I have never been mislead from them nor their real customer reviews.

The other great  stuff I was lead to believe about some Amazon products which turned out to be garbage made me delete my Amazon account. I would never shop there again.

The most unethical type of reviews are ones written for healthcare institutions such as hospitals and hospices. People look at those when they need help when they are sick or have a loved one who needs top of the line care. Some reviews read like jokes as you will get  short generic reviews like oh everyone was so great etc and so on. No real detail at all as it is a glorified advertisement. This will be followed by a very detailed and very real review about how bad another person’s experience was. They include details as well as their feelings elaborating on the terrible things that have happened to them. Then the shady institutions will then rush to throw more fake good reviews over them to knock them down.

God forbid someone sees the truth!



They are not fooling anyone as I know several people who read every single review before even choosing a healthcare institution and even donating to one. Those reviews make you feel sad as you know people were mislead to begin with as they did not do their homework enough. It is such a shame that people have to go through all that just because these places want insurance money and donations from innocent people trying to make a difference……

I used to review and put historical facts in reviews just for entertainments sake. My  reviews as I saw today when I logged into my old account have reached over 2.1 million people. It was surprising.  I am glad as I was honest and hopefully helped some people make decisions that saved them a lot of heartache and money in the long run. I really do not bother much anymore as between  writing my book and working on some other projects I do not have the time…

The best way to pick a place or buy items is you should just read all reviews and look for the bad ones and see how many of them seem to echo the same thing. If they all have the same sort of bad experience yet the other good reviews sound like glowing advertisements stay away as they are not ethical nor do they deserve your time nor money….

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!





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