Apple is the Greatest!

I changed over from using Windows to Apple and have never been happier. People have yelled at me about the cost yet I find it to be well worth it for me. I used to buy a pc and its would literally last a couple of months before it would crash and burn. This caused me to buy a few a year which when I look back and tally up all the money spent there it is pretty costly. The windows system is very faulty in my opinion as no matter what virus protection I had on any of them something always managed to squeak through. Data would be lost causing me to toss them out the window in a fury.

I taught myself the Mac system when I was going through xanax withdrawal which was not all that hard for me as I have a huge computer background as my father worked for IBM. It is way easier than windows that and along with the fact that Mac has so many more features makes it well worth it.

I used to have an iPhone until it was stolen. It was very upsetting at the time. I would never get another one as I really rarely use the phone anymore. Now I look on it as a blessing in disguise as it makes me use my Nikon more so I can indulge in my photography hobby. I took this picture yesterday~~


I wish all companies has excellent customer service such as Apple. I have literally called there and have never had a bad rep experience. The reps are always professional, very helpful and pleasant. Windows never gave me any real customer service at all. They just sell their cheap junk and take zero responsibility for it.I would never go back to using windows at all.

It is refreshing to see such a big corporation like  Apple actually care about its customers….

Everything in life should be so easy!!!!!!

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