Holistic Remedies Work for Me…

I have been grounding my emotions lately through mediation as I burn incense. You see I have always done well with holistic practices rather than modern medicine. My soul feels like it is starting to heal somewhat. It quiets my racing thoughts and makes me feel physically better as well as mentally… I use music such as this when I am mediating or even just working on the computer….

Modern medicine is  a joke to me as there are so many gimmicks and a pill for everything imaginable all so these doctors and drug companies can make a killing off of people’s misery. They perform such silly tests such as sleep tests which make me laugh. Everyone I know has went for one with no real results..Doesn’t anyone just snore anymore???? I had pretty bad experiences with doctors so I am turned off to it as well.

I used to suffer from chronic heartburn. This was every day since I was a child. I suffered very badly and like the rest of the world I sought all kinds of acid relievers and spent up to thousands over the years trying to get relief. My friend pointed me to  an article where it said to have a tablespoon of white vinegar to cure it. I was horrified and wanted to vomit at the thought yet I was desperate I elected to try it. The first time I did it, it burned. I cursed my friend for sending me such an article! I chanced it one more time and do you know what? I have not had heartburn since and that was years ago……..

I also had a problem with my foot swelling up from gout. My horrible primary Dr who is as dumb as the day is long gave me water pills. They just  kept me in the bathroom every five minutes and didn’t d anything to stop the swelling at all. I went online and googled natural remedies and I found that if I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar it would go down. I did it and got results as within 2 hours my foot was back to normal.This was after a week of trying those stupid water pills very single day.

Recently I was struggling with chronic insomnia  once again which left me feeling horrible and unable to function. Now that is tricky as I did try every natural remedy out there yet none seem to work. I came upon this article that said to drink warm water  with apple cider vinegar and honey mixed in it. I gagged yet what the hell I tried it. I drank it and within an hour I was in a deep sleep with no nightmares. I woke up feeling like a million dollars.

Now not all holistic methods work for everyone especially if you are looking for a quick fix. However, I will trust those methods before any of the doctors I have been subjected to see’s prescriptions as I will not ever trust  any of them again…..


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