Goodbye Toxic People….

Recently I have given a lot of thought  as to who I want in my life and why. You see being an empath really effects you when you come across toxic people physically as well as emotionally. I have to be careful for my well being…..

I can also spot a problem a mile away when I actually give in and trust my intuition. There were many times I used to  second guess myself as I did not want to believe that a person I had gotten close to was a toxic person. My intuition said different yet I refused to listen. I thought I was being paranoid or I was misjudging them. My intuition was always spot on yet when I elected to believe and accept that  too late in many cases.


You meet all kinds of people in this world and many times the wrong people when you are lonely after letting your guard down. Its gotten to the point lately where I just have zero tolerance for certain types of people such as these~~~

  • People who gossip about other people constantly. If they are talking about other people to you then they are talking behind your back to them as well.
  • People who are always trying to one up you on your problems. If you think your problem is bad well listen to me me me!!
  • Fair weather friends. They are always there for the good times yet let you start to have problems and you will hear crickets…
  • The users. They are always coming around to get something from you from material things or advice yet if you need something back they are long gone.
  • The negative people. These are the ones who will see your glass as always half empty. They will always give you negative feedback as well creating potential problems that put you on edge.They thrive on passing on bad news.
  • People who are holier than thou. They always echo oh how could you do that I would never! The best phrase they have is oh I would never do that as I am smart. They will criticize every move you make as well.
  • People who make assumptions. They always will assume the worst of you as they daydream up things that you are not even doing just for dramatic purposes after all they have to have someone to talk about.
  • Jealous people. The minute you are doing well or have something they do not have they fly off the handle and treat you like garbage.They will also seek revenge as many  are evil and insecure because, after all, you are not allowed to have anything better than what they have.
  • Liars. they will lie and lie for the sheer joy of lying usually to make a feeble attempt at making you jealous when you could care less.
  • Controlling people. The minute you are busy and cannot talk to them they go into a childish rage. You say one thing they do not like and you are cast out of their world.

These are just some examples of people I want to steer clear from. They are nothing but trouble in the long run.

I want to be surrounded by positive as well as intelligent people who make me laugh and help me grow as a human being. Loving and supportive people who will have my back at all times. They are hard to find yet they are out there……

I have faith….







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