My Ceiling Fell in One Day….

You know a couple of years ago I had something very strange happened to me out of the blue~~~

My ceiling fell in!!

The day this happened I was chatting with a friend on the computer. I decided to go get some ice water from the fridge and then I ran into the bedroom to grab my phone.

I hear a loud BANG!

 I nearly jumped out of my skin as I could not figure out what had happened. I went back to the living room only to see that the air was thick with dust and the ceiling fell in right over my desk. It was so dusty I could not even see my hand in front of my face. I panicked and called my roommate who quickly  ran home from work.

This is what it looked like when the dust cleared~~celing one

I had just started to walk again and was going through xanax withdrawal so this was even worse as I was so sick. We called the landlord who ran over with his wife. He was panicking and tried to actually put it back up like a weirdo. The rest of the ceiling then proceeded to fall down. It was scary.

ceiling 2

The fire department came along with an ambulance. I was in such shock I almost passed out right then and there as they screamed for us to evacuate immediately. We grabbed everything we could and the landlord put us up in a hotel for a week.

There was never any water damage or signs that this would happen…

The landlord, who is now long gone, kept complaining about how dusty the place was which was outrageous considering the insulation was everywhere. He made no sense. He was no help at all once it was fixed and we came back in……

The workers who fixed it even stole our box turtle….

It was a disaster that I will never forget……

ceiling 3

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