I Worked at a Dungeon Once…..

The Village Voice was always my go to place to seek out employment when  I lived in New York. There was an ad Seeking actresses for Psychodrama. I was very intrigued so I answered it and was told to come down the next day. I really did not know what to expect so I dressed in all black and straightened my blonde hair so I looked presentable. It was a beautiful spring day in Nyc, after a subway ride and a short walk I was there so I buzzed the door….

I was buzzed in immediately. Now mind you I had no clue what I was walking into yet at the age of 24 I was fearless. This man met with me and brought me into an room that was all black with leather furniture in it. He was very nice to me as he introduced himself as a Master. My mind raced. He explained that I would be working in his Dungeon as a Dominatrix. He then went on to explain the pay, dress code, rules etc. This was exciting for me as I am a very open-minded person and I had read book after book on bdsm though out my life at that point.


I reported to work that Saturday at 10am. My attire was a pvc dress, 6 inch platform heels along with fishnet stockings. The other Mistresses working there were very cool, one of them was even a famous Rabbi’s daughter. There was a lot of variety there. We would all wait in the lounge and watch tv as we waiting for clients to come in. The Dungeon had 4 rooms and even a stage. It was fully equipped as well. Each room was decorated differently. There was St Andrews cross in one, a bondage table in another etc and so on. My favorite room was a huge room that had a fireplace along with an overhead bar to put slaves in suspension. The leather furniture in there was amazing as well. The possibilities were endless! I worked 6 days a week because I enjoyed it so much.

The variety of clients was very interesting. They included ceos,investment bankers, brokers, lawyers along with many Hasidic Jews. Some powerful men with money visited the Dungeon once, even twice, a  week sometimes.

You would walk in and they would basically explain what they were into. Once they told me what they wanted to experience I would go to the equipment closet and grab the proper equipment to do the session. It was very mentally draining sometimes as you had to come up with a scenes at the drop of a hat. Since it was professional it is not like you would be into some of the things. I did find it very therapeutic at times though.

These men were into cbt, flogging, mummification, cross dressing, verbal humiliation  and anything you could imagine. Some of them were not satisfied unless you sent them away bleeding. I always amazed at the amount of punishment they could take.

You know if you could dream it up there is a fetish for it.

There was never any sex involved. Many people do not realize that bdsm is not about sex. It is a power exchange.

I had a very cool session where I mummified a man and dripped candle wax all over his body as he was unable to move. He was my human candle. I used to dress this one powerful ceo up in a mini skirt, low cut blouse along with heels and full make up. He used to  perform for all the other Mistresses on stage while  we would all throw tomatoes at him. There was a  session where this man required me to wear jeans and he would pay me $100 each time he kissed my ass through them. That was very profitable as I walked away unscathed with $1000. He even hired every Mistress there that Saturday and paid each one the same. We were all sorry to see him leave. There were so many different sessions and fetishes. I could go on and on about what went on but this blog would be too long to read.

There was so many different sessions and I learned a lot. It was decent money and great fun. The friends I made there were wonderful too….

That was another  great time in Nyc…..









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