Rich people get away with everything!

I edited this to shorten the length and to update it as the political climate has gotten worse since I originally wrote it….

Can you imagine???

I  made an attempt to sue a hospital for very bad burns in an MRI machine. This happened when i was recovering from a coma. You know when you get burned as badly as I did you see nothing but white light when it is happening. The staff ignored my cries for help as I screamed. They finally let me out of the machine which seemed like an eternity and wheeled me back to my room. The lawyers said there must have been metal in it when I called around to try and find one over a year and a half later when I was finally at full capacity.

The lawyers wanted to know the date and they all told me that when I found out to call them back. I called the hospital and politely requested my records. The guy on the phone asked me which part I wanted and why I wanted them. I then replied my lawyer needs to know the date of I got burned in the MRI machine like an idiot as I was not thinking. He told me I could come in the next day. Well my phone rang again and the head of the medical records department  told me that their cd burner was broken  so I had to wait a week to get them. It sounded fishy to me but I agreed to it…..

I went up to the hospital after getting my hair done on the day they told me to come. You know I walked in and requested my medical records and the woman handed me 4 pieces of paper and a cd with gibberish on it. She made me fill out a hipaa form afterwards which was very wrong. I calmly  told her I wanted my full records as requested and she refused to give them to me. She denied that they did not honor my DNR as well. I was annoyed and stated I would come back with a lawyer….

I had an anonymous google plus at the time where I vented and then would delete the stuff as a form of therapy. I never thought to put privacy settings on it at as I was just venting and was not posting illegal content according to google guidelines.. The only one I shared it with was the Scorpio Dr I mentioned another blog entry Death of a Scorpio……REPOST.

My anger grew when I got home from there. That hospital  treated me so poorly  abusing me emotionally, verbally and physically when I was there for 30 days. They even denied me water. I remember being so thirsty as I was literally dying of thirst. Thank God I had someone smuggling in water for me or I would have really suffered badly and died a horrible death. It was like something  out of Locked Up Abroad…..

I went on to their mychart site and looked at my records to see if could find the burns. What I saw was horrifying!

They deleted a whole chunk of my records yet the stuff they had was outrageous.

They backdated a couple of false hospital visits.

They had me seeing doctors that I never saw like an obstetrician when I was in a coma!!!

They had me seeing fake doctors that were not even listen in the physicians directory

They were even billing the insurance company for procedures that never took place all when I was in that coma and stuck there for 30 days!!!

They used me to commit Medicaid fraud!

You know before this my insurance company called to complain that they thought I was abusing my insurance which made all of what I found out even worse!!!!!!

My head was spinning because it hit me all at once. I screenshot the records that were up there and explained who did not do what as I posted it all on my google plus. I then emailed the link to the states attorney for fraud. I was so angry and I really lost my temper so I also vented about what I thought of all of them especially the ceo. It was hilarious that this guy has videos saying how much better the hospital is doing since he took over!!

Gee can anyone guess why?

I never really thought anyone was looking at my google plus either so I just kept venting on and on.I never threatened anyone with bodily harm or anything extreme like that as I am not the type to do that. I just TRUTHFULLY stated what kind of people they were and I hope they burned in hell for what they did to me. etc an so on

Between lack of sleep and the stress of it all I was screaming like a lunatic!!!!

This painting describes what I thought about them at the time and still do~~



My doorbell ran one day and the sheriff was here to serve me a workplace order of protection from the Ceo and the medical records clerk!!He asked me if I had worked there and mentioned it was one hell of a strange order. The sheriff even apologized for bothering me…

I could not believe it, That scorpio Dr betrayed me and showed them my google plus! I was in  shock.  It was so bogus full of strange things and even stated I had various police reports against me from two different police departments. Their dopey child-like lawyer, who cannot even screenshot, even spelled my town’s name wrong along with various screw ups to make it even more laughable…

I called both of the police departments  and they did not know what I was talking about. I told them what the hospital did to me and they said if they gave me anymore problems to feel free to call them as they had dealt with that type of situation before with lawsuits….

I then received fake wellness checks a couple of times once from that DR and once from that hospital. They both told the police that I called there suicidal which I never did.  I never called there at all or even went up there again trying to get my medical records. It started to get creepy. You know I could kick myself for not taking down that google plus at the time yet I felt it was freedom of speech along with the fact NOTHING illegal was posted there. My opinions was posted. I was so upset that I just started to have a breakdown so I continued to vent. I have ptsd so I was in fight or flight mode….

I, along with the elderly man I live with, started to get strange phone calls from thugs making pretend they were from various police departments. They would mention that scorpio doctor’s name and then quote some of my personal emails. I now know the cowardly scorpio Dr paid them to do that  after giving them my private number yet at the time I thought he was still innocent like a moron. My mind told me that they were using his name illegally and I would write to tell him that like an idiot. I was also getting constant hang ups by then. If I told all of you that I slept 12 hours the whole month I would be lying…

The hospital even threw down my review calling them out on what they did. I painted this at the time during my breakdown.

It is called Heyoka~~


I could barely eat or sleep. It got to the point where I was really scared to leave my home due to all the hospital harassment.That order of protection was delivered at least once a week and even twice in one day. Each time the sheriffs apologized for delivering such a strange order. It was so creepy. I often was afraid for my life due to their  non stop harassment. I never called or contacted these people after the day I got my records yet since I turned them in for fraud and could have won millions for  malpractice lawsuit  so they harassed me 24 hours a day for a month straight. I am sure a civil suit for violating my DNR would have set them back a lot of money as well…

I received an email from a gmail with my real name along with my birthdate . I got so creeped out I googled it only to find a Twitter account posing as me making fun of me, posting my address along with threats to the local police department. This gmail was even posting reviews as me on places I had reviewed…

This is how low they sank….

They were not new to harassment as it appeared to be like a routine for them. I wonder how many people they have scared like this. It is horrific that they were kind of practiced at it like down to a science…

I could not believe it!!!

It was an hour after I found it while I was thinking about going to the local police  when my door buzzer went off. It was cook county detectives  from the sheriffs department yet I will not mention the precinct they are from here for legal purposes. They  told me they were there to help me with the hospital which is why I even went with them.

Hours later after they questioned me about anything but the judge at first, I then got arrested by them for threatening a public official.

I could not believe it as I never threatened anyone…..

They stole my winter coat, my iPhone and broke my glasses. They claimed I threatened a judge , his wife and children which made no sense to me at all. You know I kept asking them what I said and they were like you know what you said. I had posted that the judge must have been bribed to sign that order of protection twice along with a public article yet that was it. His family was never mentioned on my google plus. Why would I even bother doing that?


People post  to politicians on social media  all the time saying they should be arrested and calling them out on their antics because  some of them should be… It’s funny how I was punished for it….

It is called Freedom of Speech.

I had every right to say I felt he was bribed. I never threatened anyone let alone their family! The Detectives told me that they called the scorpio Dr on my behalf and he was going to get me a lawyer and even bail me out.

I believed them like an idiot as it never happened.

Outrageously enough my bail was $250,000. It was stated I had a felony in the Bahamas even though I have never flown!!! They also stated false statements that I had made which were never in discovery or anything. This is how corrupt the justice system is.

I was speechless…

People get caught with illegal handguns in Chicago and get a $1000 bond etc.

Some rich person makes up something about you and your bail is that high???

Does anyone see something wrong with this picture??

I spent 14 months fighting it from jail. They did everything they could to keep dragging it out….During my court dates the hospital was brought up all the time. They claimed I was going up there all the time etc.The hospital was spoken of more than the judge was on every single court date that was not a continence which was strange. He even claimed  that he never even stamped the order but the statement was like an afterthought to them as it was brought up in a hurried fashion. The Ceo was friends with this judge as I saw in an article so it was painfully obvious that they were behind all of this to avoid a lawsuit.

What would the hospital have to do with the judge in question otherwise and how would he have found it??

See where they did there??

The discovery phase was a joke as they listed~~~

I called him and his family loser republicans


 I lit black magic candles cursing him and his family


This was before this Kavanaugh article

Witches Planning a Hex on Judge Kavanaugh

You can all imagine how I shook my head at that one after what happened to me!!!


It is interesting that it was NEVER brought up that I posted on my google plus I felt he must have been bribed at all. This is how far out on left field this was as they were some very funny statements  but not threatening yet he claimed he  felt threatened…

It’s funny as I felt threatened by this hospital’s actions yet because I am not rich I mean nothing in the legal system….

It was all so surreal. They were just making up lies to prevent me from being able to sue.. That scorpio Dr even harassed me through my lawyer telling her crazy things to satisfy his narcissism. He was behind all of this and I am sure he gained brownie points to pump up his over inflated ego as well….

I ended up getting wrongfully convicted with zero evidence.

None of those statements came out at the end because they were NEVER there!!!

If I had a real lawyer, not a PD, they would have thrown it out as they never had any evidence to prove  their so-called discovery…..

The legal system is disgusting just like the medical profession is now……

The hospital as well as everyone involved will be paying in more ways than one and as soon as the shit hits the fan they will learn……..

There is no statute of limitations on the Horrific Karma they will meet……

I am not the one who has to look over my shoulder all the time either like they all have to as things have a way of coming back at you when you do something very wrong no matter how  well off you are…..

You see I lost out on a lawsuit as the hospital as they did everything  they could to prevent it from happening as the statute of limitations ran out thanks to their antics.

This has  taught me a few things~~

Do not trust Narcissists……..

There is no freedom of speech in America anymore…..

Doctors and Pubic Officials should undergo a mental evaluation to be able to hold their positions every year as many are very unfit after a while I gathered from my experience with them….

Perhaps it’s age…

Anyone with money can accuse you of anything and get you convicted with zero evidence if you are too poor to get an attorney…..

This is the country we live in….

I would not believe it unless I personally went through it but it is sad but true~~~~

Rich people get away with everything…….


2 thoughts on “Rich people get away with everything!

  1. Carlos Dossantos August 25, 2018 — 11:17 am

    that was bad


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