I have started this blog to write about crazy times in my life.  I am a former New  Yorker, now residing in Chicagoland, who has done so many different things. I grew up on Long Island and then moved to Brooklyn, Nyc and even to Buffalo,Ny at one point.

I am a mixed media artist, writer, as well as amateur photographer….There are so many stories to tell here about what I have been through  in my life,  some good  as well as pretty bad.

Now some of these blogs  will be very dark and disturbing yet they are far from fictional as I have no reason to lie. This is the truth. I will not post names of the people nor the institutions for legal purposes. I will also have more positive blogs mixed with some stories of my life alone the way. Its pretty mixed as I never really tried to fit into any genre. The reason I am taking the time out to create this project is to perhaps reach someone out there who is suffering and it will make them feel less alone. It is also to show all of you that you can survive through some pretty horrific things when forced to and you can do anything you put your mind to.

I also suffer from complex PTSD which can make me very sad. Emotional and very sensitive,  I tend to live a secular lifestyle. Sometimes I find it safer that way….

My sense of humor is excellent as I find humor in everything. I have been blessed with a good heart which gets me into trouble at times. You know I care about humanity and have  tremendous sense of empathy for people in general.

It took  a lot of guts to tell my story so I really hope someone out there benefits from my experiences. I have learned so much from listening to other people’s experiences . The world is an interesting place where there should be no judgements…

Astrology is one of my interests as I am  Taurus born in the 12th house of Scorpio as well………

Well my journey with all of you is beginning so just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!!Blind-Artist-Creates-Cool-GIFs

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